Valerian Loik (1904 – 1986)

Loik, Valerian (1904 – 1986). View on Oleviste from Aia Street. (1970 -s)

Valerian Tynovich Loik, born in 1904 in Revel, Estland Province, stands as a significant figure in the art world. He carved a niche for himself with his profound understanding of art, showcased by his illustrious academic journey. In 1935, Loik proudly graduated from the renowned Pallas art school under the expert guidance of Abo Vabbe.

Seeking to further refine his craft, he embarked on a journey to France and Italy. This exposure further enriched his skills and perspective. Revered as a master of painting, Loik had a particular flair for urban landscapes and still lifes. His active participation in Moscow and Estonian exhibitions is a testament to his unwavering dedication to art.

Loik’s influence wasn’t confined to just exhibiting his work. As a member of the Union of Artists of the Soviet Union, he actively contributed to the next generation by imparting knowledge at the Art Institute of Tallinn, where he was honored with the title of professor. In recognition of his vast contributions, he was bestowed the title of an honored artist of the Estonian SSR.

His legacy persisted even after his death in 1986 in Tallinn. Today, art connoisseurs can witness his brilliance in numerous Estonian and Russian museums. Furthermore, for those looking to own a piece of his genius, the Rios Art Gallery offers a curated selection of his paintings.