Efraim Allsalu (1929–2006)

Allsalu, Efraim. (1929 - 2006). Two Women at a Window. (1995)

Allasu Efraim, an esteemed figure in the Estonian art circle, has made significant contributions to the world of art with his unparalleled writing style and rich creative legacy. His penchant for experimenting with varied textures on his canvas set him apart from his contemporaries. By adopting unconventional techniques to manipulate light and color, Efraim has earned a reputation as a groundbreaking portrait artist.

Many in the art community have described him as both a sensitive painter and a bold experimenter. He was known for employing techniques such as surface underpainting and paint splashing, which added depth and dynamism to his works. Efraim’s preference for vibrant motifs laced with undertones of irony and surrealism made his paintings even more intriguing to viewers.

Art enthusiasts now have the opportunity to acquire Efraim’s masterpieces online at the Rios Art Gallery.