Ilmar Kimm (1920 – 2011)

Kimm, Ilmar. (1920 - 2011). Southern Estonian Landscape. (1956)

Ilmar Avgustovich Kimm, born on March 1, 1920, embarked on his artistic journey in 1939 when he joined the faculty of painting at the Institute of Sculpture, Painting and Architecture, named after Repin. His prowess in the field was evident from his graduation work, “Rest on the March”, which earned him the esteemed title of an artist painter.

His association with the Union of Artists of the Soviet Union began in 1963, a testament to his growing influence in the art realm. Ilmar Kimm’s most significant contributions were arguably during his tenure at the Tallinn State Art Institute. Here, he not only taught but also led the department of painting. For his relentless service and immense contribution, he was honored with the title of ‘Honored Art Worker of the ESSR’.

Ilmar Kimm’s legacy continued until his passing in 2011 in Tallinn. Today, many of his masterpieces find a home in the State Art Museum of Estonia. While several are part of private collections, art enthusiasts can purchase his creations at the online Rios Art Gallery.