Peet Aren (1889 – 1970)

Aren, Peet (1889–1970). The sketch of a cover P.Loti's(1929)

Peet Aren was born in 1889 in the vibrant town of Odista. His tryst with art began early, enrolling in the state art school in St. Petersburg at just 9 years of age. It was here that his deep passion for painting blossomed.

By 1920, Aren’s talent was widely recognized, earning him a position as a teacher at the State School of Artistic and Industrial Estonia. His prowess in graphic art was unparalleled. This acclaim saw him join the Pallas Art School in 1926 as a revered teacher.

While Peet Aren wore many hats, he was best known as a graphic artist. His notable works include designing the emblem for the Estonian Drama Theatre and the iconic design of the Cross of Liberty. His artistic touch also graced numerous book covers and posters, making him a staple name in graphic design.

The turmoil of 1944 saw Aren relocating to Germany to escape infection threats, eventually settling in the cultural hub of New York. Here, his artistic journey continued, painting the city with his unique flair. Sadly, New York was where he breathed his last in 1970. He left behind a rich legacy of graphic paintings, posters, and an indelible mark on the world of art.

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