Enno Lehis (1912- 2011)

Lehis, Enno ((1912 - 2011). Flowers. (1990s)

Enno Lehis, hailing from the village of Loksa in Harju County, was born into a bustling family. A prodigious talent, by 17, he had secured a position in the orchestra of the Ministry of Defense. His musical journey continued as he honed his trumpet-playing skills at the Tallinn Conservatory. In 1940, a pivotal year, the orchestra ventured to Riga and subsequently to the war front. Not just a musician, Lehis showcased his artistic flair as a staff cartoonist, contributing to a wall newspaper.

In a significant move in 1942, the Yaroslavl Estonian Art Ensemble beckoned the orchestra, including Lehis, where he not only played but also progressed as an artist, especially in watercolor. Post-war, his affiliation with the arts saw him join the Estonian Radio.

Upon his return from the war front, a new chapter began. Mentored by Grinberg and Mikko, Lehis ventured into painting, presenting his inaugural exhibition in 1958. Parallelly, his cartoons graced the pages of Pikker magazine. He marked his presence in exhibitions across Tallinn, Moscow, and Riki. As an artist, Lehis championed traditional painting, infusing natural elements predominantly. Floral compositions were his forte, defined by smooth transitions, soft pastel hues, and sharp contrasts. Today, art aficionados can acquire his masterpieces at the Rios Art Gallery.