Paul Paede (1868 – 1929)

Paede, Paul (1868 – 1929). Three Naked. (early 20th century)

Paul Paede was born in December 1986 in Berlin, the bustling heart of Germany. Following his high school graduation, he delved into the art of lithography before pursuing further studies at the revered Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Here, he was under the tutelage of the iconic artist, Ludwig Leffz. It is a testament to Paul’s talent and dedication that his final work at the Academy was awarded the first prize.

Drawn to the nuances of female form, Paul Paede, much like many of his impressionist peers, showcased female nudity as the central theme of his artworks. Such was the allure and magnetism of his creations that many often dubbed him the “Impressionist Rubens”.

While a significant portion of his masterpieces finds their home in German museums and esteemed private collections, art enthusiasts from across the world can also find Paul Paede’s pieces online, prominently displayed at the Rios Art Gallery.