Richard Sagrits (1910-1968)

Sagrits, Richard (1910-1968). Landscape. (1960s)

Richard Sagrits, born in 1910, embarked on a journey of self-discovery and passion after dropping out of high school. He joined the State School of Industrial Art, led notably by Günter Reindorf. In 1930, his aspirations took a firm direction at the Pallas School under the guidance of N. Trijka and A. Vabbe. Nikolai Triik, in particular, inspired him to delve deeper into the art world. Throughout his career, he showcased his talent in various exhibitions spanning cities like Moscow and Rome.

Post his time at Pallas, Sagrits embraced a freelance career, illustrating children’s books and designing captivating covers. His expertise also lay in graphics. Collaborating with artists Elmar Kits and Evald Okas, he contributed to the adornment of the Estonian National Theatre, predominantly in social realism. Moreover, he undertook the role of an inspector for the People’s Commissar of Fine Arts in the Estonian SSR.

War upheavals led Sagrits to Russia. By 1947, he was instrumental in founding the Union of Estonian Artists, alongside other renowned Estonian painters and graphic artists. His expedition to Crimea in 1954 saw the birth of around fifty mesmerizing sketches and paintings. The picturesque Crimean landscapes, particularly the bays and rocky beaches, resonated with him. Subsequently, traveling to Karelia with Elmar Kitz, he returned with a treasure trove of artworks. Today, numerous museums and private collectors proudly display his masterpieces. Furthermore, the Rios Art Gallery houses an exquisite collection of this esteemed Estonian artist’s creations.