Ermenegildo Antonio Donadini (1847-1936)

Donadini, Ermenegildo Antonio (1847 – 1936). Bells. (1930s)

Ermenegildo Antonio Donadini, a master of the 19th century art world, was born in the picturesque city of Spalato in the Austrian Empire back in 1847. His early life saw him making strides in the art realm when he secured a scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Under the mentorship of E. Engert and K. Ruben, he majored in historical painting and proudly acquired his diploma.

His post-graduate journey took him to Venice, a city brimming with artistic vibrance. It was here that he crossed paths with the likes of Hans Makart and Dossov. The trio, bound by their passion for art, relocated to Munich. In Munich, Donadini had the privilege to train under Carl Theodor Piloty, a revered artist and historian of his time.

By 1877, Donadini’s talent and dedication had earned him a professorship at the Vienna School of Applied Arts. However, not one to confine himself to a singular role, he transitioned to the role of professor of figurative painting. His artistic prowess also led him to take charge of the theater decor studio in Dresden. His legacy includes monumental wall and ceiling paintings, which he meticulously crafted on mythological and historical themes. Sadly, many of these masterpieces faced the wrath of World War II. In addition to creating, Donadini also played a pivotal role in restoring numerous frescoes by Preller and Sylvester. Today, art enthusiasts can explore his work online at the esteemed Rios Art Gallery.