Wilhelm von Kügelgen (1802 – 1867)

Kügelgen, Wilhelm von (1802 – 1867).

Wilhelm von Kügelgen, born in 1802, hailed from an illustrious lineage of artists. He was the son of the renowned German portrait artist, Gerhardt von Kügelgen. Further embellishing the family’s artistic repute, his uncle, Carl von Kugelgen, stood out as a distinguished landscape and history painter.

At the young age of sixteen in 1818, Wilhelm began his formal training at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, where his father imparted lessons. Throughout his artistic journey, Wilhelm showcased a deep inclination towards religious subjects, producing numerous masterpieces in this genre.

His artistic endeavors once took him on a brief sojourn to Rome, alongside his cousin Timothy Neff. However, the call of the homeland was irresistible, and upon his return, he was united with his beloved, Julia Krummacher. The year 1828 saw Wilhelm achieving a significant milestone. Commissioned by Nicholas I, he painted a mesmerizing altar composition for the Church of St. Olaf, a task he undertook with the assistance of Timothy.

Wilhelm’s subsequent years were marked by his deep association with Ballenstedt. While he continuously showcased his creations at his alma mater’s exhibitions, his crowning glory came in 1933 when he was designated the court painter in Anhalt-Bernburg. This recognition prompted him to establish his residence, where he resided till his final moments. For art aficionados, Wilhelm von Kügelgen’s exquisite paintings can be acquired at the Rios Art Gallery.