Leškin, Viktor (1914-1998)

Leškin, Viktor (1914-1998). Winter Landscape (1960)

Leshkin Viktor, a distinguished artist, was born on August 25, 1914, in the quaint village of Gorbatitsy. An alumnus of Pechersk 1st school, Viktor pursued his passion for art, graduating in 1936 from the State Artistic and Industrial School, specializing in decorative painting. This foundation was expanded upon when in 1949, he earned another degree, this time in sculpture from the Tallinn State Institute of Applied Arts. However, his destiny was in painting, a domain where he truly shone.

Between 1938 and 1941, Viktor graced the Estonian Drama Theater in Tallinn with his talents as a decorator. Elevating his career further, he took on the role of an assistant professor in 1968. Joining the Estonian Artists’ Union in 1945, Viktor became a prominent figure in the Estonian art scene.

Notably, he contributed immensely to the field of education, imparting knowledge at the Tallinn State Art Institute from 1946 to 1975. His artworks predominantly feature landscapes, acting as mirrors reflecting the dynamic shifts of his era. As time progressed, the 1960s witnessed a transition in his style towards a more generalized, epic portrayal. Viktor’s expansive collection, spanning decades, encapsulates a plethora of subjects across diverse genres. From the raw energy of urban and industrial landscapes to the delicate charm of wildflower bouquets, his pieces resonate with a realistic touch. This realism is evident across mediums, be it oil paintings, charcoal sketches, or watercolors. The warm, ocher palette of Leshkin’s works is invariably accompanied by a delightful undercurrent of humorous lightness, making each piece a joy to behold.