Vladimir Bogatkin (1922 – 1971)

Bogatkin, Vladimir (1922 – 1971). Town in Germany. (1960s)

Vladimir Bogatkin, born in 1920, hailed from the esteemed Mamin lineage. His mother, a notable actress, graced the stage of the Vakhtangov Theater, where his father also contributed. From a tender age, Vladimir’s artistic flair flourished, with A. I. Kravchenko, the renowned Russian painter, mentoring him during his initial forays into the world of art.

By 1940, Vladimir had already achieved an artistic milestone, graduating from the art school associated with the Leningrad Institute of Painting. This accomplishment swiftly led him to illustrious roles at prominent publishing houses such as Voenizdat and Detgiz. When he joined the B. Grekova Military Artists’ Studio, his talents saw him journeying to frontline battlefields, capturing the valor of Soviet soldiers with an uncanny authenticity.

Skilled in diverse mediums, from intricate graphics to evocative oil paintings, Vladimir’s illustrations of wartime scenes and soldier portraits stand as historical documents. Today, they are the treasured possession of ardent military art aficionados. In recognition of his dauntless spirit, Vladimir was honored with the Medal for Military Merit.

Post-war era witnessed Vladimir, accompanied by his wife Lember Bogatkina, traversing the vast expanse of the Soviet Union. These sojourns birthed artworks that mirrored the nation’s rejuvenation efforts. Through his art, Vladimir’s profound love for his homeland, its vibrant nature, beloved individuals, and grand architectural wonders shines bright.

A tragic end awaited this prodigious talent; in 1971, Vladimir breathed his last aboard the Leningrad-Tallinn train. Yet, his legacy endures. Esteemed institutions such as the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, and the Central Museum of the Armed Forces are proud custodians of his masterpieces. Additionally, art connoisseurs can acquire his works through the digital platforms of Riosart Gallery.