Sergei Minin (born 1954)

Minin, Sergei (born 1954) Finland. Imatra. (2020)

Sergei Minin was born in the quaint village of Orichi. A child of a judge, his mother’s vibrant dressing sense and eloquent speech left an indelible mark on him. As a young boy in school, Sergei took to designing wall newspapers, showcasing his innate artistic flair. A significant turn in his life was his visit to the Tretyakov Gallery during his seventh grade. This trip deeply impacted Sergei, steering him towards a career in the arts. His determination led him to apply to a prestigious Moscow university, but success only came after three failed attempts. One notable mentor during these formative years was Alexei Potekhin, who Sergei always remembered with fondness.

Upon completing his education, Sergei made a pivotal move to Tallinn, which he now calls home. In this new setting, Sergei’s artistic inclinations took a spiritual turn as he delved deep into the realm of icon painting. His profound connection to this art form is evident from his ownership of the catalog titled “Russian Orthodox Icons in Estonia”. Recognizing his commendable efforts in promoting Russian culture beyond its borders, he was honored with the Igor Severyanin Prize. Art enthusiasts can explore and purchase his magnificent creations at the Rios Art Gallery online.