Karin Piepenberg (1891 – 1970)

Piepenberg, Karin (1891 – 1970). Portrait of a Woman (1912)

Karin Piepenberg, an illustrious figure from 1891 to 1970, embarked on her artistic journey under the guidance of the renowned German graphic artist, Bruno Eru, in Leipzig. Her expertise spanned both graphics and painting, showcasing a rich blend of talent and passion.

Post her graduation, an innate wanderlust drew Karin towards the vast expanses of Russia. This journey not only gave her a treasure trove of experiences but also inspired the creation of a noteworthy lithograph. Titled “Picturesque impressions of a trip to Russia”, this masterpiece encapsulates the scenic splendors of locations like Tallinn, Haapsalu, Paldiski, and Keila.

It’s indisputable that Karin Piepenberg played a pivotal role in shaping the contours of pre-war art. Her contribution, not just as a founder but also as a driving force, propelled the Art Nouveau movement across Europe. For enthusiasts and connoisseurs of her work, the Rios Art Gallery hosts an online collection of her paintings, a testament to her enduring legacy.