Voldemar Peil (1907 – 1999)

Peil, Voldemar (1907 - 1999). Landscape Koolimäe. (1960-70)

Voldemar Peil, born in 1907, hailed from a family where his father was a foundry worker and his mother, a crane operator. Growing up in Narva, he attended its elementary school and furthered his education at the 3rd general education school. Much like other celebrated Estonian artists, Peil is an alumnus of the Pallas Art School, qualifying as a drawing teacher.

His artistic journey began with an author’s exhibition under the aegis of the Narva art association. In 1932, Peil delved into theatrical design, initially serving as a decorator at the local theater. Subsequently, he earned the title of the chief theater designer at Vanemuine. From 1964 onwards, he showcased his talents at both the Tallinn and Russian Drama Theatre, designing over 300 memorable performances. Notably, he was the chosen decorator for the Song Festival on six occasions and was a regular presence at folk art evenings. Additionally, he contributed to republican holiday rallies and concerts.

Post 1973, Peil dedicated his energies predominantly to painting, holding three distinct author’s exhibitions. Art enthusiasts today can find and purchase his paintings online at the Rios Art Gallery.