Antonio Pecoraro (born 1938)

Pecoraro, Antonio (born 1938). Lady with Umbrella. (1970s - 80s)

Antonio Pecoraro, a Spanish-born American artist, graced the post-war art world with his distinctive touch. Born in 1938, Pecoraro pursued his passion at the esteemed Neapolitan Institute of Arts, evolving his signature style that revolved around impressionistic portrayals of urban landscapes and sophisticated women.

His artistic prowess lies in his unique technique of superimposing a light veil onto his artwork. This approach imparts a dynamic mobility to his pieces, despite the underlying pictorial texture being markedly rugged. Critics and art enthusiasts alike have been captivated by Pecoraro’s ability to breathe life into seemingly static spaces. This knack for capturing the essence of life and motion is what makes his artwork a cherished addition to numerous private collections.

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