Stavenhagen Wilhelm Siegfried (1814 – 1881)

Stavenhagen Wilhelm Siegfried (1814 - 1881), Gustav Lange Fahn. (1867).

Wilhelm Stavenhagen, widely recognized as a prominent German-Estonian sculptor and artist, was born into a distinguished family of lawyers. However, the lure of the arts was irresistible. At the tender age of 20, he stepped into the illustrious world of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. A twist of fate in the form of illness, however, forced a hiatus in his academic pursuits.

Subsequently, in Germany, he found mentorship under Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz. This mentorship paved his way to the Munich Academy of Arts, where he refined his skills till the age of 49.

The mid-19th century saw Wilhelm Stavenhagen establishing himself as a luminary in Mitava. Here, he dazzled art connoisseurs with both his paintings and sculptures. His works from this period include a captivating series inspired by the Baltic Sea provinces and monumental busts of notable figures such as his father, Count Heinrich Wilhelm, Theodor Hahn, and Governor Brevern.

Stavenhagen’s brilliance shines through in his meticulous portraits, detailed steel engravings, and evocative landscapes. Today, art lovers can indulge in his creations at the Rios Art Gallery’s online platform.