Works By Baltic – German Artists | Collection of The Rios Art Gallery

Knobloch, Joseph Rolf (1891 - 1964). Rocky Seashore (1920 -30s)

Exhibition Name: “Works By Baltic – German Artists”

Date: (18.01.2018 – 25.02.2018)

Venue: Jelgava History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass Akadēmijas iela 10, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia

From January 18 to February 25 in Jelgava History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass, an exhibition of the work of Baltic-German artists will take place, from the collection of the Rios Art gallery (100 Artworks. Tallinn Estonia).
The popularity of Baltic German art, amongst researchers and collectors, has grown in the last few decades. Baltic German art was the natural foundation for development of Estonian national art. For example A.W. Pezold’s and O. Hoffmann’s paintings, respectively influenced J Köler’s and P Raud’s decision to embark on their study of art. Furthermore various Baltic German artists acted as mentors for young Estonian artists. Finally there is also a deeper cultural link between Baltic German and Estonian art, stemming from a shared homeland, nature, history and traditions.

The museum building, known by its historical name Academia Petrina, was built in 1775 on the initiative of the last duke of Courland and Zemgale – Peter Biron. It became the first university of Latvia.
The Museum display tells about important historical events of Jelgava and its region from ancient times to the present day. The main value of the Museum is the art collection of the famous Latvian painting old master Ģederts Eliass (1887-1975).