Väino Paris (1921 – 2001)

Paris, Väino (1921 – 2001). Summer Day (1975)

Väino Paris, born into the creative world of decorator and artist Peter Paris, embarked on his artistic journey at the Nõmme school. His passion led him to the State School of Industrial Art in 1936, specializing in lithography. The ravages of war interrupted his educational pursuits, but his indomitable spirit saw him return in 1945 to the State Institute of Applied Arts in Tallinn.

Dedicating his life to the world of art, Väino took on roles as a designer for numerous exhibitions and showcased his mastery predominantly through painting. The 60s marked a transformative era for his paintings, bursting forth with an enriched palette and fervent temperament. Apart from painting, he illustrated and designed books, adding another layer to his multifaceted career.

1946 witnessed the inauguration of his exhibition journey. From that point, he graced various platforms including the Union of Artists’ presentations, exhibitions at the Art Museum, and his personal showcases. Today, the legacy of this illustrious Estonian artist lives on, with his paintings available for online purchase at the Ros Art Gallery.