One-to-One with 50 Portraits | Rios Art Exhibition

Kangro-Pool, Voldemar (1889 – 1943). Mehe portree. (1915)

Name of Exhibition: “One-to-one with 50 Portraits”.

Exhibition Date: (12.05.2010 – 04.06.2010)

Venue: Tallinn, Roseni 8, Rotermann’s square.

Dear art devotee!

Diverse and and fascinating art of portraits. These are the words fit for the opening of this exhibition.
The purpose of the exhibition is to show the art works, many of which was impossible to see either at exhibitions or in catalogues.

The exhibition includes portraits and self-portraits of 49 authors from 19-20 century.
Delight and the pleasure from the seen should be sufficient for all. Whether it is “the singing old man” Gustav Ernesaks by Kaljo Polli (1928-2004) or “Portrait of Kristjan Raud ” by Eduard Wiiralt (1898-1954). More familiar “faces” will be possible to meet at the exhibition, where everyone can pick up his own favorite.

You saw the part of the excellent exposition “One-to-one with 50 Portraits”. The full exhibition will be represented in US ART Gallery, on May, 11th, 2010.
Address: Tallinn, Roseni 8, Rotermann’s square.