Illuminating Diversity: The Artistic Celebration of Breasts at Venice Biennale

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At the 2024 Venice Biennale, a new exhibition at Palazzo Franchetti titled “Breasts” brilliantly explores the depiction of breasts through diverse artistic eras—from classical paintings to modern digital media. Curated by Carolina Pasti, the exhibition spans five thematic rooms, each delving into different contexts and interpretations of breasts, such as motherhood, empowerment, and body image.

The journey begins with “Booby Trap,” a pink-hued entrance symbolizing breast cancer awareness, leading to a historical exploration of breast representation in the first room. Here, works range from the Renaissance’s “Madonna del Latte” to Cindy Sherman’s modern reinterpretations. Subsequent rooms explore breasts’ influence in sculpture, surrealism, and digital photography, featuring pieces by notable artists like Marcel Duchamp and Salvador Dalí.

The show not only revisits traditional and contemporary artistic views but also uses its platform to support breast cancer research, donating a portion of its proceeds to the Fondazione IEO-MONZINO.