Hobby | Rios Gallery Unveils a Playful Masterpiece Collection

Strahhov, Anatoli (born1946). Stone Knight.II (2014)

Exhibition Name: Hobby

Date: (15.11.2013 – 15.12.2013)

Venue: Tallinn, Kaarli pst. 8

Hobid kunstis

Galery Rios has come up with a new playful exhibition idea after last year’s exhibition on the theme of ‘Food’ and has commissioned works from the same artists – Valeri Laur, Slava Semerikov, Veera Staniševskaja, Anatoli Strahhov, and sculptor Aleksandr Litvinov – on the theme of ‘Hobbies.’ Hobbies, as you know, come in all shapes and sizes, and throughout history, art has abundantly depicted their pursuit. In the paintings, drawings, and sculptures created for this exhibition, activities such as horseback riding, fishing, billiards, card games, chess, etc., are reflected. The theme has not hindered the artists from creating works in a personalized style and an emotional tone; rather, it has encouraged their playfulness. Often in art, seemingly overwhelming and ambiguous topics have been undertaken, bringing to mind the aphorism of the German Enlightenment thinker Georg Christoph Lichtenberg: ‘Not everything that is said with a serious face is sensible.’ Just as light genres can be cultivated at a high level in music, the same can be done in visual arts. The exhibition ‘Hobbies in Art’ affirms this.