HING | Riosart Exhibition


Exhibition Name: Hing

Date: (20.05.2014 – 20.06.2014)

Tallinn, Kaarli pst. 8

The name of the exhibition derives from the fact that the performers are people for whom art is a spiritual need, people who have not studied art are not professionals, but for whom life is unthinkable without creation.
The will to create arose in Irina Velichko suddenly, four years ago on a plane, over the Bosphorus and Istanbul. She went to study in the studio of Natalya Litvinova and, although she has not yet completed her studies, her paintings are already in private collections in Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and England.

Irina’s paintings are fascinated by bold, bright coloring, energetic, long, as if fiddling brushstrokes, under which a dark base shines. This style is striking, directly affecting the senses, raising the tone.
Lia Arand was born in Georgia. According to himself, he felt an “unimaginable attraction to art” years ago. While he has usually painted one or two works a year, in 2011 he has gained momentum.

His style is old-fashionedly meticulous, with melting transitions, nuanced local tones. The treatment of light is romantic: it falls from somewhere above, making the colors glow mysteriously. All this is a little reminiscent of the 17th century, including a certain illusionistic effect, for example, like a finger extending across the frame in a portrait of a little boy.

The biggest surpriser of the exhibition is Svetlana Vetrova. Already as a child, she made dolls from all sorts of natural materials – roots, flowers, root vegetables. Later, having learned to sew, he made funny monkeys out of stockings for his little brother, as the years went by – dolls for his and his own children. In 1996, she was laid off and out of depression she was brought out by dolls. He started making them for his own fun — first the beasts ,then the larger dolls full of characters, not yet knowing that there was a genre like the author’s doll. He was offered to organize an exhibition of his doll collection. It was a success. For twelve years she has been making dolls from textiles, then came the desire to try other materials. Now she creates dolls out of plastic – girls at a “tender age”. She has had numerous personal exhibitions in Estonia and in 2009 she was included in the Great International Puppet Encyclopedia.