Food Themed Art Exhibition in Rios Art

Pulst, August (1889 – 1977). Apples. (1946)

Name: “FOOD”  (Art Exhibition)

Date: April 18, 2013 – May 17, 2013.

Venue: Tallinn, Kaarli pst. 8

Food has been represented in art since the ancient times. The Netherlandish and Flemish still-life painters of the 17th century are especially famous for their treatment of this subject-matter. As for modern times, during the 1960s the eat-art drew much attention to itself, using real food as material. It is possible to arrange a great exhibition of Estonian classical art, concecrated to food. But we have chosen four living classics – good different painters – and commissioned from them new works on this vital theme. It was undoubtedly a funny as well as an interesting task for them. We hope that the result shall be interesting for our visitors, too.