Erik Hamer (1908 – 1994)

Erik Hamer, born on February 17, 1908, in Kuressaare, holds a legacy that intertwines deeply with the rich tapestry of Estonian art. His educational journey culminated at the age of 27 when he graduated from the prestigious Pallas School, under the watchful guidance of its leader, Adolf Wabbe.

During the tumultuous years of the Second World War, Erik played a pivotal role as a teacher at the School of Applied Arts in Tallinn. However, as the war’s grip tightened, he found refuge by fleeing to neutral Sweden. It was in 1955 that Erik chose to pivot away from academic art, embracing the freedom and expression that came with being a freelance artist.

Throughout his career, Erik Hamer became renowned for his paintings that narrated epic tales. His canvases, often set against the backdrop of the seashore, beautifully showcased the intricate dance between man, nature, and society. Today, art aficionados and enthusiasts can immerse themselves in Erik Hamer’s world through the Rios Art Online gallery, which proudly displays a curated collection of his masterpieces for online sale.