Dmitri Dobrovolsky 55!


Name of Exhibition: “Dmitri Dobrovolsky 55!”

Exhibition Date: (07.04.2023 – 05.05.2023)

Venue: Rios Art Gallery.

Dmitri Dobrovolsky 55 | RIOS ART Gallery Exhibition.

Welcome to the jubilee exhibition of Dmitri Dobrovolsky in the RIOS ART gallery! He celebrates his 55th birthday, the 30 th anniversary of the exhibition activity and the 15th anniversary of the collaboration with the gallery!

You shall see in the exhibition the works that you have never seen before and you can acquire them!

The paintings of Dmitri Dobrovolsky are in the Royal Collections of Great Britain and Denmark, in the collection of the Gallery of Cambridge University , in many museums! Some years ago a prominent reporter of the BBC has bought a work of Dmitri Dobrovolsky and now the painting “Bush House” adorns the cover of the catalogue of the corporation’s album. The painter’s works are present in the collections of Urmas Sõõrumaa, Jaan Manitski, Eri Klas, Edgar Savisaar et al. Having bought the work of Dmitri Dobrovolsky, you would have the pleasure both of the masterly painting and of being part of the good society of the owners of his works!

Estonia is for the artist a special country that inspires him! The country that has accepted him. Dobrovolsky and his family live in Estonia since 2014. He serves as an art professor in the Ukrainian Sunday School “Nadija”.
The painter has his own unique style and technique of painting. He practices oil painting on coloured support, uses contrasting colours that allow innumerable variations and wonderful harmonies. The important goal of the painter is the palette that instills in the people good emotions, joy and hope!

Dmytro Dobrovolsky, artist-painter, was born in Kyiv 11.04.1968.


1988 – Kyiv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design, artist, designer;

1994– Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, mural painter;

1998 – Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.


1994 – the first exhibition in the gallery “Slavutych” (Ukraine, Kyiv).

1996 – the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UK, London).

1998 – the Ukrainian National Museum, the exhibition “Solar wind” (Ukraine, Kyiv).

2010– participation in the art festival “Fine Art Ukraine”.

2000-2002 – solo exhibitions in Leighton House Museum Tallinn); (UK, London) and Gallery Brasselsberg (Germany, Kassel).

2001 solo exhibition “Nexus Gallery” (Great Britain, Edinburgh).

2002 – solo exhibition in the British Council (Ukraine, Kyiv).

2003-2005 – Moscow International Art Salon CHA (“Krymsky Val” Russia, Moscow).

2008 – Moscow International Art Salon CHA (“Krymsky Val” Russia, Moscow).

2004-2023– Ice House Gallery Holland Park (UK London).

2006– Gallery “Triptych” (Ukraine, Kyiv); Aedvilja Tanava Gallery (Tallinn, Estonia).

2007-solo exhibition in the Gallery “Orangery” (UK, London);solo exhibition A.H. Tammsaare Museum (Tallinn. Estonia).

2008-Museum “Kuressaare” (Estonia, Saaremaa).

2008 – solo exhibition in Central House of Artists (Ukraine, Kyiv).

2009-“EE Art Gallery” (UK, Cambridge).

2009-solo exhibition in the Ukrainian Museum (USA, Chicago):

2010-gallery of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (UK, London).

2010– solo exhibition in the gallery “Mystetska zbirka”(Ukraine, Kyiv).

2010-solo exhibition in the gallery “US Art “(Estonia, Tallinn).

Mystetsky Arsenal (Ukraine, Kyiv).

2011- 2019 solo exhibitions in the “Rios Art” gallery (Estonia, Tallinn).

2012 solo exhibition in Cambridge University (UK,

2012-presentation “Farewell to Bush House” (Association of Ukrainians in GB, London)

2013 “Impressions of Holland Park” Ice House Gallery Holland Park (UK London).

2013-solo exhibition Keila-Joa Castle Schloss Fall Museum.

2014 – solo exhibition in the “Gallery on Fifth” (USA, Naples).

2016– solo exhibition “Framers Gallery” (UK, London).

2017-exhibition «Kontshallen Gallery» (Stockholm, Sweden);Royal Art Prize exhibition (UK.London).

2018-50th anniversary exhibition in Design and Architecture gallery (Estonia. Tallinn).

“Impression of Brazil” exhibition Keila-Joa Castle Schloss Fall Museum (Estonia, Tallinn).

2018 -2023 exhibitions in Design and Architecture gallery (Estonia.Tallinn).

2023– 55th anniversary exhibition in the “Rios Art” gallery (Estonia. Tallinn)

Dmytro Dobrovolsky is numerous participant in Ukrainian and international exhibitions, successfully conducts solo exhibitions in the UK and Estonia (Leighton House Museum, gallery “Ice House”, “Nexus gallery”, gallery “Rios Art”, gallery “US ART”). His paintings are in private and museum collections in Ukraine, UK, Germany, USA, Holland, Estonia, Finland, France, Canada, Sweden.