Eduard Wiiralt (1898 – 1954)

Wiiralt, Eduard (1898 - 1954). "Le musee` romantique" Critiques et essayistes

Eduard Wiiralt, born in 1898, embarked on his journey into the world of graphics at the Revel School of Industrial Art. By 1919, his passion led him to study sculpture at the renowned Pallas School. Seeking further mastery, he ventured to the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden.

1925 marked a pivotal year for Wiiralt as he was granted the chance to study in the artistic hub of Paris. He made Paris his home until the upheaval of World War II prompted his return to Estonia. However, by 1944, circumstances had him relocate to Austria. A mere two years later, he found himself drawn back to the streets of Paris, where he would reside until his passing.

Though the artist may have departed, his legacy was preserved. For many years, his masterpieces remained in France, until Harri Männil, a Venezuelan entrepreneur with ties to Estonia, repatriated them in 1996. Today, these artworks adorn the walls of his exclusive gallery in the Estonian National Library. Additionally, art enthusiasts can view and purchase many of Wiiralt’s creations through the online platform of Rios Art Gallery.