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Strahhov, Anatoli (born 1946). Friends. Hunters. (2017)

Exhibition Name: “Dmitri Dobrovolski.”

Exhibition Date:(04.06.2010 – 04.07.2010)

Place:Tallinn, Roseni 8, Rotermann’s square.

Dear art devotee!

In his works the painter depicts our life and first of all the novelty and energy of the process of cultural and spiritual revival of the nation.

The painting of D.D. is natural, emotional and sincere. These paintings reveal the daily impressions. He fills them with the spi¬ritual content through his feelings and his belief in goodness.

In his works the painter combines the school of modern Ukrai¬nian realistic art and the influence of Russian and Ukrainian “van¬guard” of the 20-th which is now reviving. The painter also turns to the Ukrainian decorative art and modern western and eastern art styles and conceptions. He creates his own style rich in texture and vibrancy and realizes his individual filing of time and taste. He is painting in oil on colour backgrounds, using palette knife. He develops his own mosaic technique of contrast colours, colour reflections, light and shadow.

Being a city dweller, the painter is naturally interested in the life of the city, shown in time, space and human fates. The city landscapes as the painter sees them are of saturated colour and expressive composition. The accentuated feeling of colours helps the painter by his own means, to reveal a complex feeling of harmony and disharmony in the relation of a person to his environments and to the people. You can pay attention to a wide scale of moods in the landscapes from space coldness to great warmness and sensitivity.

The plot compositions can be characterized as theatrical, with a lot of fantasy and with a sudden changing of accents.

In every plot you can feel an emotional implication in which the painter’s fancy offers a spectator to use his own imagination.

The works of D. D. are well-known not only in Ukraine and United Kingdom but also in USA, Germany, Canada, Russian and Estonia. D.D. participates in many Ukrainian and international exhibitions. Many international galleries and museum invite him to exhibit, and since 1997 he is successfully exhibiting in Great Britain (London, Edinburg), Germany (Kassel), Estonia (Tallinn, Saaremaa)…

Culture is the most vulnerable thing in hard times, and that’s why it’s pleasant to realize that there exists such a painter who remains time to his spiritual creed and aesthetic views. D.D. is just such a painter.


Dmitri Dobrovolski | Riosart Exhibition - (04.06.2010 - 04.07.2010)

Dmitri Dobrovolski Riosart Exhibition - 04.06.2010 - 04.07.2010

Dmitri Dobrovolski Riosart Exhibition - 04.06.2010 - 04.07.2010 - 03