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Van Blime Jean – Claude

Oil painting stands out uniquely in the world of art, recognized for its utilization of oil-based paints. These specific paints possess a pigment which is bound in various oils, allowing them to dry more leisurely than their counterparts. This extended drying period is not a limitation but rather an advantage; it grants artists the luxury of time to tweak, refine, and perfect their work.

The oils used in these paints include popular choices such as safflower oil, walnut oil, poppy seed oil, linseed oil, and more. What makes oil painting particularly captivating is its incredible texture and layering potential. These characteristics bring depth and life to the canvas. Moreover, the flexibility of surfaces for oil painting is noteworthy. From traditional canvases to cardboard, pasted wood, and plywood, the options are diverse, catering to various artistic inclinations.

Rios Art Gallery takes pride in offering an eclectic collection of oil paintings for sale. Renowned artists showcase their work here, with standout pieces like Evald Oka’s stunning creations on cardboard. Dive into a world of rich textures, vibrant colors, and masterful techniques at Rios Art Gallery.

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