Art Ceramics Workshop Danko

Murano Art Glass Bowl AVEM Dino Martens. Incredible Murano

Name of Exhibition: “Art Ceramics Workshop Danko”

Date: (16.03.2018 – 16.04.2018)

Venue: Tallinn, Kaarli pst. 8 Rios Art Gallery

Art ceramics workshop Danko Handmade (Pleven, Bulgaria).

The collection of art ceramics, presented in the gallery RIOS ART, is made in one of the most famous workshops in the Balkans, which was founded by the hereditary ceramist and artist Daniel Nikolov. From the early childhood, he learned all the basics and nuts and bolts of the ceramists’ skills, spent hours in the studio where his grandmother worked. And then he spent years studying the centuries – old traditions of the Balkan ceramics, that absorbed aesthetics and ideas about the beauty of the peoples, who was inhabiting this land -Thracians, Romans, Greeks, Turks, Slavs, Bulgarians. Daniel Nikolov perceived all the best of these traditions. As a result, his ceramics are unusual in form, expressive in decoration and riot of bright colors and extremely functional. It is widely known not only in Bulgaria, but also far beyond its borders. Danko Ceramics can be found in famous foreign boutiques, it is readily used as interior details by eminent designers, it is sold in the US and all around the world by the giant Internet trading AMAZON, in Europe – the largest portal for the sale of art handicrafts ETSY. In Estonia it is presented for the first time. This exposition was given to the gallery RIOS by Non – profit association ART DIALOG (Estonia), which aims to expand the international cooperation of art people, presenting the fruits of their artistic creativity to fans of Muses in different countries of the EU.