Anatoli Strakhov | A Rendezvous with Artistry – Exhibition.

Strahhov, Anatoli (born 1946). Mother of God. Soothe my Sorrow (1997)

Exhibition Name: “Rendez-vous”

Date: (29.10.2015 – 24.11.2015)

Venue: Tallinn, Kaarli pst. 8

A Meeting with the Painting.

Discover the Silent World of Art: ‘Rendez-vous’ with Anatoli Strakhov at Kaarli pst. 8, Tallinn.

What waits the spectator on the exhibition “Rendez-vous” of the renowned artist Anatoli Strakhov in the Rios Art Gallery? Of course, the meeting with his paintings, his new stories, taken from the nature or invented before the easel. As always, Anatoli Strakhov extends his favourite genres – female portraits and vedutas – in the fantastic- mythological, abstract or conventional way, at the same time – in the form of meaningful intimate narrative, provoking the dialogue with the spectator. He uses the familiar symbolic images, unexpected textures, uncommon technical ways,at the same time sticking to his elegant drawing, the colouring, rich in nuances, to all tested means that constitute his personal style. His paintings presume to be observed from near by, not to be looked in passing, they call to penetrate deeper into their forms and into the secrete meanings of their signs, into their silent world. That is the meeting with the painting.There is one more specific feature In the exhibitions of Anatoli Strakhov, not so important from the point of view of the spectator, but characterizing the attitude of the painter to his work as well as to the public, namely the frames. They always are carefully suited to the pictures, so that sometimes it is hard to distinguish whether the vine has climbed from the canvas on the frame, leaves having been twisted into the luxurious ornament, or the texture and colour of the frame have become a part of the composition, a follow-up of the subject, increasing the aesthetic value of the painting.

Galina Balashova, art critic.