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Franz Karl Eduard von Gebhardt

Abstract Art is a unique medium that forgoes the constraints of visual reality. Instead of replicating what the eyes see, it dives deep into a world of shapes, patterns, and vibrant colors. It’s a style that defies the norm, often categorized as non-figurative or non-representational art.

The origins of abstract art trace back to the 19th century, with the pioneering water-color abstract piece by the eminent Russian Painter, Vassily Kandinsky. The very essence of Abstract Art is its focus on colors and shapes, unburdened by the tangible subjects or objects of our external world. These artists, in their groundbreaking approach, utilized shapes, lines, and colors to craft a novel vision of reality.

Abstract artists revel in their freedom of expression. By steering clear of traditional depictions, they find solace in creating works that resonate with their emotions and mental state at a given moment. It’s not just about painting; it’s about evoking emotions using the subtle dance of colors and forms. For an abstract artist, the palette is not just a tool; it’s a playground where colors intermingle to capture the essence of feelings, moods, and memories.

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